Goodbye Old Friends

The past few weeks have been technologically challenging and a little sad.  First my camera went kaput and then a week or so later my laptop crashed!  In other words - my world nearly collapsed!  Yes, I am that attached to my laptop and my camera.  The camera had no good reason to quit working and I was totally devastated for an hour or two - then I got online and found a bigger and better replacement!  The laptop, on the other hand, put me right over the edge!  I did what I could to try to bring it back to life but nothing worked.  My daughter, the super-tech who is always there when I have one of my "breakdowns", was out of town for a few days so I had to "buck up" and hold it together until she got home.  Monday morning I had it all packed up and ready for her.  She was able to get it running but it's heart (I mean hard drive) is unstable - it is 8 years old, which is ancient in computer years.  So I am shopping for a new one before this one completely bytes the dust (hee, hee).
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