It's a Beautiful Day

 This morning I went out to water my garden and this beautiful creature was visiting.  The colors were so beautifully saturated I couldn't resist taking photos.  This may be an ordinary sight to some of you but this is Montana and we only see colors like this for a very short time it seems, so it's exciting to have something this lovely to photograph. 

 This is an even more beautiful sight to me!  This is Casey my granddaughter, and Dazzle!  Doesn't Dazzle have that "I'm gonna get ya" kind of look!  And yes, she has one blue eye, which gives her an even more mischievous look.  They are both sweethearts though and there is a real friendship going on here.  They are both crazy teenagers having fun!

 Now this is Erin, my daughter, and Stella.  They are relatively new friends but as you can see the bond is already strong.  I think they are both beautiful!  Erin believes very strongly in bonding with her horses and that horses reflect what's in your heart.  I agree with her and truly enjoy watching them and trying to capture their love in a photo. 

Hope you have a beautiful day and be sure to drop in on Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound

Where Bloggers Create 2011

Today I'm joining up with Where Bloggers Create at My Desert Cottage and Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound and, because I just got back from sunny (hot) California to visit my 85-year-old Mom and have been preoccupied with the fact that she needs me now and I live 1200 miles away (yes there is major guilt), I didn't get any new photos of my studio taken.  Although there have been some changes, overall my studio still looks like this - only messier! 

This is Charlie and he is a very big part of the decor as well as the sweetest little guy ever!

This area changed a little when I added the "Ultimate Craft Table."

This is the "Ultimate Crafting Table"!  Love it!

This wood stove and brick hearth were on our "to get-rid-of list" but I hardly notice them anymore being that they are surrounded with storage.  I'm fairly certain they will still be here next year for Where Bloggers Create 2012.

This is much better!  Charlie found a warm, soft spot to count squirrels. . .

My studio is in the basement but I have this wonderful window so I don't feel like I'm in the basement at all.

These peonies temporarily replaced the feathers.  They grow in the middle of our pasture, which was part of our backyard at one time.  The horses don't bother them and every year we get these beautiful peonies.

There are other photos of my studio throughout my blog and I'm sure there will be more to come.  I love to rearrange things and by doing so now and then, I get a fresh start with everything in it's place - wherever that place may be. . .  It's such a nice feeling!

Thank you Karen for putting on this event!  It's great to see what inspires and motivates other bloggers.  I think we all need our space whether it's a room in the basement or our favorite chair in front of the TV!

And Beverly. . . thank you so much for Pink Saturday.  You always have wonderful guests with lovely blogs. Thank you both!

Have a wonderful weekend!