Pink Saturday

Today I am posting on Pink Saturday. When I found Pink Saturday, you can imagine, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!  What can I say. . . you just have to visit How Sweet the Sound (Beverly hosts Pink Saturday) You'll be so glad you did.
Since my studio article came out in Studios Magazine I have been asked to post more photos of my studio so here we go...  this is the first.  These pretties sit on top of a cube holding files and odds and ends.  

Wishing You the Best Year Ever!

Thank you all for being here and reading my silly little blog.  I hope to post more often with more interesting photos and info this year but mostly I hope 2011 brings you everything you wish for and more!  I love you all!

It's a bittersweet day. . .  time to put Christmas away.  It is nice to get a fresh start on the new year getting some long-needed cleaning, clearing out, reorganizing and a little pillow-plumping done, but I do love Christmas and all that goes with it so I feel a little blue today (as opposed to feeling "pink" most of the time).  I didn't get around to posting many photos during the holidays because I was enjoying having family around and all the festivities, so before I put Christmas away I took a few photos of some of my favorites.  This tree is was in my studio and was, of course, white and pink.  In the living room we have a very traditional tree in primary colors.  I use the same garland I have used for a million years and ornaments the kids made when they were very young - a million years ago!