Just a Little More . . .

I've been told that I have no room left in my studio for anything else!  Oh my goodness, there is always room for a little more - as long as it is pink or just pretty! 

Found this pretty bow at a thrift store for $1.00.  It just needed a little paint.  It doesn't have a home yet but never fear pretty bow - as I said before, there is always room for pink in this house! 

 The table I had in this corner of my studio was beginning to bow from the weight of my two printers and lots of other odds and ends.  These cubes were clearance price and are absolutely perfect.  They are nice and sturdy and I have more storage now than I need (at the moment). 

Oh, by the way, my petunias survived!!!  They are still recovering but they are blooming again!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, nice weather and lots of fun!  Don't forget to visit Pink Saturday!


What Happened to the Petunias?

I'm so happy to say that I had the good sense (which doesn't happen all that often) to take photos of these lovely terra cotta petunias a few days ago.  They were a Mother's Day gift from my daughter and (world's greatest) son-in-law. 

They just bloomed and the color was incredible!  

I just couldn't get enough photos!

We have had a very late Spring this year so I haven't planted any flowers yet and only a few perennials have come up.  June 1 was my planned planting date but it was raining that day so I didn't plant - thank goodness! 

In the middle of the night we had a serious hail storm.  It woke us up and we laid in bed watching the sheet lightning but at 3:00 am it didn't occur to me to go out and cover the petunias.  You can see what I'm getting at. . . no more petunias.  Well, that's not true.  There are a few injured blooms left that withstood the beating and the plant overall may survive. 

Same evening I took photos of my daughters horses from my backyard.  

Needless to say the horses are still here but the blooms are gone.

Aren't these pretty girls, Blaze and Stella, just dazzling framed in pink!

Blaze had enough posing - she's heading for the barn!

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