Time to get out the decorations . . ho..ho..ho!

Don't you just love Christmas?  This is one my favorite decorations.  He usually gets a pretty good spot in the Christmas line up (overshadowed only by the Nativity scene). 

In the Company of Friends

A week ago these lovely ladies and I went to a quilt retreat house aptly named "Inn the Company of Friends" in what we fondly call Butte, America.  We sewed our little hearts out, ate great food, drank incredibly good margaritas and laughed until our sides hurt!  Sleeping was totally optional.  It snowed while we were there which made a lovely backdrop.  We all made handbags again.  This time we made my Bloomin' Bag pattern.  They were all really cute and each one unique!

With Thanksgiving around the corner I am feeling very thankful this year for a lot of things but I will begin with these ladies.  They are creative, fun, supportive, entertaining, awesome women and I am very grateful to have them in my life.

First Snow

This is the view I woke up to this morning. . . aren't they handsome guys!  They seemed to be enjoying the first snow.  The pretty little mare next door was in her shelter with her blankie on watching these bad boys show her just how cool they are.  

My Little Studio is Growing Up

Guess what?  My little studio is in Studios Magazine Winter 2010.  

I'm so excited!  My little studio in a magazine!  And look at that - they put a picture of my mom in there. . . oh my gosh,  that's me!  It's a fun magazine with a lot of storage/organization ideas and inspiration.  Also in the same issue is Bonnie Lyn McCaffrey.  She is one of my fabric painting mentors.  Check out her studio, it's lovely!