Jessica's First Vignette

Children can sometimes surprise us in such startling ways!  Three-year-old Jessica (my beautiful granddaughter) gathered these from around my studio and set them up in a little white basket sitting on my desk.  She rearranged them several times before deciding on just the right "composition."  I think it's genius and I'm not a bit bias.

It must be time to snooz!

This is the newest addition to my studio.  I love having a cozy corner to snuggle into.  I seem to spend most of my time sitting at my sewing table where with a 45-degree swivel I am at my laptop, another 45-degree swivel and there is my serger.  Yeah, I worked soooo hard today - it must be time for a(nother) nap.
This is what I do - designs handbag patterns that is.  I have more drawings and ideas than I have time for but I try to focus on one at a time.  I like to make a sample to try out before drawing up the pattern.  I generally make a few changes like bigger pockets or an adjustable handle for those times when one might need both hands free - simple things but I  think it's the details that make a difference.

I Love Strawberries!

These strawberries are so much fun to make and take no time at all.  I stuffed them with broken walnut shells from the pet store so they can be used as pin cushions if desired. The pattern is by Heather Bailey - I just tweaked them a little to get what I wanted.

In the beginning . . .

This is my first post and I'm not sure just what I want to say. My interests are so varied I don't know where to begin. I am almost certain my blog will consist of more visual posts than verbal posts because some days (not always) I skim through blogs just to get some visual therapy. I hope that I can provide a little visual therapy occasionally. I have enjoyed so many wonderful blogs and hope to share those links when I have a little more blogging experience and skill.