Happy Pink Saturday Eve!

  It's almost impossible for me to take a picture anywhere in my studio that doesn't have pink in it!
This is my new cutting/craft/wonderful table.  I have emptied two sets of plastic drawers (you know the kind) and still have empty drawers in my new "wonderful" table. 

I've been working on some painted lace.  Copic pens are wonderful for this and they come in beautiful colors. I want them all but I think there are several hundred colors.  I love this fabric also.  It's home-deco weight and I think it will make a great tote bag - of course I think everything will make a great bag being the "bag lady" that I am!


Some of these pieces are not finished but you can see how much fun I have been having.  

Thank you Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday again and here is her link: http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/

I am also trying to decide if I like the new header.  If you have a minute please drop me a comment and let me know what you think.    Be brutally honest - I can take it!
Love you all! 

Precious Pink

This is my most precious pink of all!  Jessica is 4 years old and the youngest and last of my 5 grandchildren.  She is as sweet and precious as she looks in this photo.  She loves pink and Pink Saturday seemed to be the perfect day to show her off!