Thank you Beverly!

Happy 3rd Birthday Pink Saturday!  Living in a "cave" like I do, I had no idea there were so many other crazy (about) pink people out there until stumbling across them after becoming a blogger a year ago.  I look forward to Saturdays, getting my pink eye-candy fix and meeting some lovely ladies as well.

So thank you Beverly for introducing all of us and Happy Birthday!

Bad Blogger

I've been a very bad blogger!  I have been so focused on getting some patterns done that I just sort of fell off the grid!  I'm so happy this one is completely finished and my Kristina Elizabeth (Kris-e) loves it!  The pink one is her favorite.  Yes, a girl after my own heart! 

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day.  We had a wonderful day!  The very best gift I received was from my oldest daughter.  She has been suffering from severe headaches, eye pain, vision problems and unbearable light sensitivity for weeks (this was the second similar episode in nearly a year).  MS was suspected and after MRIs, MRAs, nuclear medicine tests and all sorts of ophthalmology tests - still no diagnosis and no relief.  She went to the dentist last week and he found her wisdom tooth was pressing on nerves in her face and sent her immediately to an oral surgeon - within an hour she had complete relief of all her symptoms.  There had been no toothache, face pain or anything to suggest it might be a dental problem so it came as a complete shock that something so simple could be so debilitating.  She text'd me the other day "it's so nice to wake up and feel good.  I'm excited to go to work!"  I cried!